At PS/MS 140, our middle school students are offered an incredible opportunity to participate in electives. The program encourages our students to pursue interests and passions beyond the core curriculum and is incorporated into their academic schedule. Students will rank their interests and  be enrolled in four different electives throughout the school year, one for each marking period. Health is a mandatory elective and each student will need to complete the course before graduation.

Below are the elective choices offered for the 2016 – 2017 school year.

  1. Italian I – Ciao! Learn the language and culture of the beautiful country of Italy.
  2. Italian II – This class is only available for students who  previously took Italian I and want to go deeper into the language.
  3. French – Bonjour! Paris is known around the world as the City of Light. Take this elective and learn to speak like a true Frenchman and fit in at any European cafe.
  4. Spanish – Whether you are a native speaker or just getting started, this elective will give you a better understanding of the conversational Spanish used around the neighborhood.
  5. Community Service – Feel like giving back to our lovely community? In this elective, students will design and implement a community service project that will benefit everyone.
  6. Current Events – Learn what’s going on in the world! Form opinions and argue your position with other students.
  7. Music Appreciation – Ever wonder about different types of music? This elective will expose you to different genres of music, like classical and jazz. Learn where they started and see if you gain a new favorite!
  8. History of Comedy – Look at classic TV shows and movies to follow the development of comedy in American culture. Compare it to what is considered funny today.
  9. Creative Writing – Calling all future novelists! Come to fiction writing and give a voice to all of those stories in your head. Write and share with other authors to improve your style.
  10. Comic Book Writing – Use illustrations and manga to tell your stories. Your ideas will come to life like never before when paired with characters and images to draw the reader in.
  11. Fashion – Let your inner fashionista out! By looking at trends in the fashion world and drawing some of your own creations you will be a style all of your own.
  12. Chess – The ultimate game of strategy and cunning. Learn the rules of the game and some classic gambits in order to take down any opponent.
  13. Mock Trial – For those of you who dream of being lawyers, this is the elective for you! Look at facts from real uses and take a stand for your client. Will the judge rule in your favor?
  14. Recycled Art – Make something beautiful from objects found all around you. Your own creative is your only limit.
  15. Art of Drawing – Sketch and create a wide range of items as you master the art of drawing.
  16. Urban Art  – Ever want to make perfect bubble letters or graffiti? Work with a group to create a mural worthy of any city street.
  17. Crossword Puzzles – Hone your ELA skills by creating and solving crossword puzzles with your classmates. A fantastic place for all you lovers of words.
  18. Build-A-Bear Workshop – Come to the workshop and learn all you need to know about how to sew and create your own plush friends.
  19. Acting – Through improvisation and constructing scenes, students will learn to unlock their inner thespian and bring the audience to tears with laughter and drama.
  20. Step Squad – Use your feet and hands to create and perform sequences of rhythmic glory. Step squad is a fun and exciting way to be both physical and artistic at the same time.
  21. Latin Dance – Find some Latin rhythms and move your body while learning the traditional dance steps of Central and Latin America.
  22. Basketball – Practice your skills and get some exercise playing ball with other students. All ability levels are welcome – all you need to bring is your love for the game.
  23. Yoga/Pilates – Learn about stretching and breathing techniques to improve muscle tone, invigorate the body, calm and focus the mind, and build core strength. A great place to relax and slow down your speeding thoughts.
  24. Science Fiction – Calling all Trekkies! This elective will explore science fiction in a variety of media: print, film and radio. Together you will uncover common themes and maybe even travel to different dimensions.
  25. Sports Rec – Just can’t get enough PE? Play different, organized sports in the gym and find what you are best at!
  26. Keyboards – Get a head start learning to read music and playing the keyboard, or practice and hone your skills to get one step closer to Carnegie Hall.
  27. Chorus – Are you a little song bird? Want to share your beautiful voice with the world? Come to chorus and learn how to use your voice in the harmony of the group.
  28. Math Club – Come to math club and engage with math in an informal way. Work on some art, play some games, or examine some architecture all through the lens of mathematics.
  29.  Tropical Ecology – Dive into the churning waters of the Amazon or soar above the rainforest as you discover all that there is to know about this incredible bio-diversity available in the tropical climate zones.
  30. Technology – Uncover the secret world of computers and see how to make them work for you. Master all the skills you need to succeed in the digital world.
  31. Specialized High School Test Prep – Planning on taking the SHSAT this year as a part of your high school application? This is the place to get yourself ready.
  32. Health –  A requirement for all P.S. 140 students. A great way to learn about staying healthy and taking care of yourself.