The faculty at PS/MS 140M uses the Common Core learning standards to guide curriculum and practice in order to measure the academic success of what a student should know and be able to do at the end of each grade.

ELA (English Language Arts)
PS/MS 140M uses a balanced literacy approach to instruction, integrating Columbia University’s TC Units of Study with LitLife and Scholastic CodeX to provide all learners with rigorous and engaging instruction.

PS/MS 140M uses Pearson for its mathematics curriculum. The elementary school uses enVision, while the middle school uses CMP3 (Connected Mathematics Project) to offers problem-based and visual learning to provide students with mathematical experiences, natural inquiry, and opportunities for meaningful problem solving.

PS/MS 140M’s science program is a hands-on, inquiry-based approach to science. Students become researchers discover new topics by questioning and exploring the world around them.

Social Studies
PS/MS 140M follows the NYC Scope and Sequence for social studies instruction. Teachers develop customized, meaningful social studies content knowledge through literacy learning and direct enrichment experiences.